November 14, 2017

Big Band

The 15-headed Big Band Archhie & The Bunkers will be performing on the Grote Markt in Haarlem during the scrutenering of the car.s (14 - 16:00 h). The Big Band is offered by insurer Classicus.

November 9, 2017


Classic car appraiser Denis Rietveld offered to be the judge for the originality councours.

October 15, 2017


We will have two prominent speakers during the start of the 100 MIles, Bert van den Dool and Jort Kelder.

September 1, 2017

Registration opens

The registration for the 8th 100 Miles of Amsterdam has openend. For the first time we have a Touring nad a Sporting class.

December 9, 2016

Team Ireland

The six Irish cars form the Irish team and are serious in challenging Team Vauxhall.

December 5, 2016

Serious challenge for the Bentley's

Team Vauxhall 30/98 has picked up the challenge to beat team Ireland and the Bentley team in formation. Team Vauxhall 30/98: Charles Hill, Tim Jones and Phil Dobbin.

October 27, 2016

Tax your car

Paul Kok is jury member and will help designate the most original car. Paul Kok Classic Car Taxaties will offer three free taxations for the three most original cars.

October 24, 2016


Production company NoTV will be filming The 100 Miles of Amsterdam in context to the car related series (Atalante's Quest) which they are shooting around the world. 

March 16, 2016

The 50 Miles.

The 100 Miles is inciting other enthusiasts to follow suit, Gunter Hoyt writes "I live in Roanoke Virginia deep in the SouthWest of Virginia in the mountains. We are planning a 20-21 Dec. 50 miles of Roanoke Tour modeled on Amsterdam!"

December 18, 2015

Young German fan.

The 100 Miles is being followed in all continents. But we do not often get fan mail.

November 17, 2015


The German version of the Octane magazine is going to write about the upcoming 100 Miles of Amsterdam, starting in Haarlem.

October, 13, 2015

Tax your car

Paul Kok is jury member and will help designate the most original car. Paul Kok Classic Car Taxaties will offer three free taxations for the three most original cars.

December 16, 2013

Results of The 100 Miles of Amstrerdam, 2013


First overall :                       Alex von Mozer and Johan Lont:          1935 Bentley 3,5 l:     2822 pts.

First in the Vintage Class:     Marcel Geurts and Alfons Geurts:       1937 Aston Martin:      3603 pts.

First in the Post Vintage:      Harm Kremer and Theo de Kok:         1927 Studebaker Erskine: 5194 p

First in the Edwardian Class: Laurens Klein and Jos van Genugten: 1909 Jackson:             6693 pts.

Originality Prize:                  Frederik Gast and Guido Gast:           1928 Lancia Dilambda

On own Wheels Prize:          Jonathan Rishto, Scott Barret and Reg Winstone: 1938 Ford Woodie

Bad Luck Prize:                   Frank Leeman and Bert van Luin: 

Team Prize:                        The Bentley Boys: Alex von Mozer, Bert Degenaar, Ronald Versluis,

                                         Roland van Pelt and Dirk Lindenbergh.



Click here for the complete restults.


December 10, 2013

Team Avanti

Team Avanti: Marc de Bruijn (Lancia Aprilia); Henk Slagman (Lancia Aprilia); Guido Gast (Lancia Dilambda).

December 7, 2013

Team Zuilenburg

Team Zuilenburg: Bert Degenaar (Bentley Blower Special); Tim Creswell (Austin 7 Special); Peter van Giersbergen (Austin 7 Special); Marnix Deibert (Alvis Firefly).

December 6, 2013

French TV

The French channel M6 (third most watched channel in French speaking world) will be sending a film crew in order to follow the 100 Miles of Amsterdam.

November 2, 2013


Once more BMW-Amsterdam will be providing two cars for the orgaisation of the 100 Miles of Amsterdam.

September 20, 2013


Gant will be sponsoring once more the participating teams to the 100 Miles. As last year, each team will be getting a woollen spencer.

September 9, 2013

The registration is open

The fifty 100 Miles of Amsterdam is now accepting entries.

December 12, 2012

in the footsteps of Queen Sheba

The third 100 Miles team has just registered for the Via Flaminia Coloniale in Ethiopia. Wim Peters, Frank Leeman and Martin & José Aaldering will be having a great time coming November.

December 12, 2012

Sure to win, The 100 Miles Bentley Boys

The first team has registered, if they do finish, they are sure to win the team’s prize. Other teams are welcome.

December 11, 2012


The newly started Dutch edition of Octane will be following the 100 Miles of Amsterdam with a reporter and a photographer. Expect an article in the next edition. You will find the subscription details in the complimentary magazine which you will be getting at the start.

November 30, 2012


BMW Classic is considering participating to next years 100 Miles. Meanwhile BMW Amsterdam is providing the organisation with two cars.

November 20, 2012


As on the previous events, the participatns will be getting the Dutch Glossy Carros.

November 2, 2012

Gant to stay warm

Recurring drivers will be getting a GANT lambs woollen pullover keeping them warm. The pullover is sponsored by Han Brouwers Accountancy and Altena Classic Services.

November 2, 2012

Scotch to warm up

The 100 Miles of Amsterdam is attracting interest from cold resorts, the kind where they have appropriate drinks to stay warm. Maurice Millar is an experienced navigator from Scotland and he offers his skills (and a bottle of Scotch) to those needing help while getting lost.

October 24, 2012

Service team II

The "boys" of Jan Altena Classic Service enjoyed themselves so much helping you last year (or did did enjoy seeing you suffer in the cold ? ) that they offered to man a second service truck.

 Morris service truck at the 100 Miles of Amsterdam


October 5, 2011

Service truck

Completely in style, somewhat young though, a Morris truck from Bert Degenaar.  Marc and Joost will help those stranded in the snow, down a dike or just with mechanical problems.






August 29, 2012


Gant will once again be sponsoring the 100 Miles of Amsterdam with clothing for all those who participate.

August 27, 2012

Amrath Hotel

The date for the 4th 100 Miles of Amsterdam has been set. The rally will take place on December 16th, starting at 18:01 from the Grand Hotel Amrath.

December 13, 2011

TROS Autoshow

The 100 Miles of Amsterdam will be host at the Tros Autoshow on Radio 1 (Saturday 14:00 -14:30h). We will be inviting the public to come and cheer you up.

December 12, 2011


The Dutch Automotive Magazine Carros did report on The 100 Miles of Amsterdam in an article. Many have read it and will be cheering up the competitors along the route. All the competitors will be getting an edition of the latest Carros.

November 10, 2011

New life for 105 year old wheels

The official’s car for The 100 Miles of Amsterdam will be the brand new Lancia Thema. Lancia has a 105-year heritage of being at the forefront of car development. Class, luxury and innovative technology go hand in hand.

November 7, 2011


On Saturday December 17 we are guest to the Tros Autoshow on Radio one. We will try to explain how it is possible that somebody with the full capacity of his brains wants to drive a Pre War Car in e chilly winter night. We will also ask the public to cheer you up along the route.

October 22, 2011

How to get the essential tool for the 2012 100 Miles ?

As you know the 100 Miles does not allow equipment such as Tripmasters and other modern measuring equipment. If you want to win next year’s edition then you need the watch, which The Amsterdam Watch Company is providing. It dates from the thirties and is thus fully legal. It has a chronograph and a tachymeter. Just one slight problem... read more.

October 19, 2011

Service to the service crew

The mechanics from Jan Altena Classic & Rally Service where so delighted with the prospect to see their "boss" freeze during The 100 Miles of Amsterdam that they decided to join as a second service crew.

October 10, 2011

Severe winter

According to meteorologist Dennis Wilt, we are in for a cold winter (click). However for the Brits it will be mild here in Amsterdam. He expects -23C for the British Isles.

October 7, 2011

Street Party

The old village of Zuilen, just outside Utrecht, is preparing for a party. We will have our midnight stop their at the restaurant Belle, owned by participant Bert Degenaar. He will make sure that all of his neighbours will be shearing you up. The midnight consumption will kindly be offered by the restaurant. The commune in which Zuilen lays will be announcing its citizens to either shut tight the windows or join the party.

 Morris service truck at the 100 Miles of Amsterdam

October 2, 2011

Service truck

Completely in style, somewhat young though, a Morris truck from Bert Degenaar and Marc Sturm will help those stranded in the snow, down a dike or just with mechanical problems.





 Rob Petersen speaker at the 100 Miles of Amsterdam

September 2, 2011


Rob Petersen, the speaker at the Zandvoort Circuit, has offerd

to take the microphone during the start of the 100 Miles.



August 30, 2011

Stay warm

The clothing brand GANT will be sponsoring The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. GANT will be giving each participant a specially made shawl with the rally shield of The 100 Miles. GANT is sponsor of many rallies such as the Winter Trial, the Tulip rally and recently the Via Flaminia.

August 29, 2011


The rally cineast Bert van der Dool and Perter Haverlag who filmed the previous two events will be filming the 2011 100 Miles of Amsterdam. All participants will get a movie.

August 28, 2011


Three sponsors from last year have already committed in supporting The 100 Miles of Amsterdam.

Old Amsterdam is thinking to organise a competition for the general public. The winners will be driven in a hospitality car along the itinerary of The 100 Miles.

The Amsterdam Watch Company is organising a small event in front of their shop in de Reestraat.


Han Brouwers, director of the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club will also be sponsoring with his accounting firm. And of course he will bring one of his cars.

December 20, 2010


As last year, but now with a margin of only one point, Gerard van Zadelhoff and Velja Mijlatovic do bring home the first price in their Austin 7 Special. They also get the 1954 Omega watch offerd by The Amsterdam Watch Company. For the full results click here.

December 6, 2010

On web-TV

Januari 1st Autovisie and De Telegraaf will be starting streaming video on teh Autovisie site.

On of the first movies to be shown will be The 100 MIles of Amsterdam. A team will be following the drivers and - where possible - climb in a participating automobile.

December 3, 2010Huig Haverlag

The Movie

Peter Haverlag will once again follow The 100 Miles of Amsterdam and make a film about the even.



November 29, 2010


Jager Auto, the Saab dealer for the greater Amsterdam region is kindly providing the organisation of The 100 Miles a Saab 95 and a Saab 93.

November 26, 2010


Connexxion who is managing the ferry boat grants the participants a free crossing.

November 18, 2010


Both the Belgian Federation of Old Cars and the Flemish Vehicle Club have taken up The 100 Miles of Amsterdam.

November 12, 2010


Dik Boosman, taxateur and journalist will be designating the most original car. The two contenders from last year the Lancia Dilambda and the Packard Twin Six will be competing with some new entries.

October 25, 2010

Service Team

Martin Dijkhof will be manning the service team. Last year all the problems were electrical, mostly due to the large demand put on the dynamo. He is prepared. Are you ?

October 22, 2010

First Prize

Of course you need a reason to drive all night long in the freezing cold while the wind draws blisters on your cheeks. Well, what about winning a Classic Watch, kindly provide by The Amsterdam Watch Company ?

October 15, 2010


Brouwers accountants and adviseurs will be sponsoring The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. Han Brouwers is himself chairman of the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club. If his portal "Cool Classic" is ready in time he will be filming the event together with Martin Utberg, who will broadcast the event on all the local Dutch channels.

September 22, 2010

on TV

The German car Magazine "Oldtimer-TV" will be shooting The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. The movie will be featured on Oldtimer-TV as well as on

September 20, 2010


First team to register after the opening of the inscription is a ladies team. And within 7 days the frist ten teams have registred. All participants from the previous edition.

September 13, 2010

December 19

Write down in your agenda: The longest night of 2010 will be on December 19th. Again in and around Amsterdam. We haven chosen some great locations for start and finish. We keep you informed.

March 22, 2010


RTV-NH broadcasts about The 100 Miles of Amsterdam

March 21, 2010

The first 100 Miles of Amsterdam was a big succes

Despite heavy showers the first 100 Miles of Amsterdam was a big success. The heavily contested rally did see nine teams who did not finish due to mechanical error. Thanks go to Bas Auto Service who did its utmost best to keep the fleet of almost 50 pre war cars rolling... read more

March 18, 2010

B&B Match

The Bentley Boys have found their match. Triggered by the small engine capacity of the Bentley engines the American LaFrance team registered its six 2,42 litre cylinders independently. Thus forming a team.

March 17, 2010


No Bed and Breakfast for those guys. For the Bentley Boys it is serious business. Dirk & Ko Rustige; Ernest van Arendonk; Gerben Wansink & Ton van Daal and Dirk Lindenbergh & Jaap Truijens will unleash 16,4 liters of engine capacity to win.

March 17, 2010

North Holland Newspaper

The Noord Hollands Dagbald will be present during the midnight stop at Middelie.

March 17, 2010

Team Noord Holland

Since they don't have a chance for the "on own wheels" prize they decided to from team Noord Holland. Ab van Egmond & Teun Dommershuizen; Juri & Theo Castricum; Yvonne van Egmond & Marion van Maanen; Marcel & Pim Sol and Marcel & Eugenie Koreman.

March 17, 2010


They may be sweet, but don't be fooled the Triple-M rally team is there to win. Henri de Jong & Tjeerd Alkema; Albert Koolma & Bret Halsema; Hans & Betty vd Bosch; Ronald Zieltjes & Paul Neeskens and Thijs de Groot & Cathelijne Spoelstra will be pushing their MG to the limit.

March 16, 2010

Be aware of the mice

The mice are coming, Bas Jansen & Johan de Graaff; Diederik van Bouwdijk & Loeke van Bouwdijk; Jan Stellingwerff & Margreet Stellingwerff and Gerard Zadelhoff & Velja Mijatovic are forming the Roaring mice team of Austin Sevens.

March 16, 2010

Team Riley

The second team with pretensions to the Team Prize has registered. Team Riley includes Hubert Kranz & Hian Seng Kwee (Germany); Luc Brands & Karel Bastiaanssen and the rally pros Nico Kuiper and Richard Veldkamp.

March 15, 2010


Daniel van der Ree, member of the city council for the liberal VVD party, will be joining The 100 Miles of Amsterdam for diner.

March 12, 2010   

Team Ettore

The first team of four Bugattis has been formed they will be competing under the name "Team Ettore". Bart Rosman & Evet Visser will bring their precious T43; Olav Glasius & Rob van de Beek will bring the Murphy coached T54; Ronald Beckers & Jan-Bart Broertjes will bring the just rebuild T57 with T64 coach and finally Marcel Sontrop & Bettie Sonrtop bring their Grand Prix T37 !

March 12, 2010                                                                         

Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club DVSCC


Did you know that almost half of the participants to The 100 Miles of

Amsterdam are member of the Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club ? 

For those not yet member, it might be time to join !







Februari 15, 2010

Summer March 20 !

Yes, for some it is summer on March 20th. Alwyn du Preez from South Africa will be enjoying summer. He had rather enjoyed a nice winter rally aroud Amsterdam. He wishes us and all of you a lot of fun.

Februari 18, 2010

De Nationale Autoshow

Those who missed the broadcast on “De Nationale Autoshow” from last September will get a second chance to hear Joris Bergsma and Bart Kleyn life. On Thursday March 18 they will call for all those interest to come and cheer along the route. The program will be repeated several times in the coming days.


December 17, 2009Theo Castricum

Team North Holland

Some North Holland competitors are getting excited with this weather. They formed Team North Holland and started their training schedule.




December 17, 2009

Austin Seven team

The four Austin7 Specials will be competing under the name "The Roaring Mice".

December 16, 2009

Ford team

With an average of 6 2/3 cylinders a car Ford's Henry Team is formed.

December 14, 2009

Bugatti team

The five Bugatti's have formed Team Ettore.

December 14, 2009

A jury of originality

We found two very qualified jury members who will be judging the cars on their originality. Both are automobile journalists and do know a lot about Pre War Cars. We are happy to have Wim Oude Weernink and Dik Boosman amongst us.

December 11, 2009

First Team to present itself

After very long deliberations the 6 MG’s did decide not to go for two teams but that they had better chances of showing their superiority when combining their forces. A few e-mail exchanges later they concluded that the name Safety Fast Rally Team would best describe their team. Many thanks to Cathelijne for taking the lead in this process.

December 9, 2009Huig Haverlag

The movie

Peter Haverlag and Hans Taverne from Huig Haverlag and Menno Knap from Pronto Productions will be following the rally and trying to cover it as well as possible in the dark and rainy night of December 20th.



December 4, 2009


Different volunteers will help make The 100 Miles of Amsterdam to a success.

The Amersfoortse Motor- en Automobiel Club, will be providing the Marshals for the regularity. The AMAC is the organisation, which organises the Tulip Rallye... read more.



December 4, 2009

No Mechanic

Some are really sure about their car (and not about finding the correct road !)





November 26, 2009

Really a mechanic

In Bas Auto Service we did find a dedicated mechanic who will be helping you in case of technical problem. Of course Bas has a lot of experience in Italian thoroughbreds. He is not shy of a Colombo engine or other exotic Italian technology. A good think since we have word of an Alfa 8C 2800...  read more.

November 16, 2009


Mechanics are bidding one against the other in order to secure a place on one of The 100 Miles cars. First the Scotsman Maurice Miller presents himself with an impressive Pre War curriculum (i.e. VSCC Measham Rallies in England). Comes Rob... read more.

October 31, 2009

MG power

Four and maybe five MG's are registring in force. The are being entered by the MG Workshop. Soon to be seen in the list of competitors.

October 29, 2009

Stay warm

Since everybody will be send out ruthlessly into the cold the Society Shop will be giving out woollen shawls to the competitors. This way you can spend Christmas with your loved ones in good health in front of the log fire and the tree.

October 6, 2009

High placed visitors

Mr. Post, chairman of the City Council of Amsterdam-North will be the guest of honour at the diner before the start of The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. At 20:01 he will start the first car into the dark. The remaining 49 cars will be started off by Rob Petersen, speaker at the Zandvoort Circuit.

It is also very likely that Carlo Brantsen from the glossy car Magazine CARROS and Bas van Werven, anchorman at Business News Radio will be present at the diner.

October 5, 2009


Not everybody is so lucky as to have a pre-war car. A friend would very much like to feel the chills of driving on the wet; dark and cold dike roads around Amsterdam. If you have wheels to spare, please get in contact with Joris Bergsma.

October 2, 2009

For the Brittons:

Stena Line is offering a special fare for those daring enough to cross the Channel mid-winter and drive The 100 Miles. Tobby Ballard is already shipping his boat. Are you next to see for yourself that Dutch winters are as dreadful as British ones ?

September 24, 2009

Dit you miss it ?

Since you are still consulting this website you either do not understand any Dutch or you missed the broadcast of Joris Bergsma and Bart Kleyn at the “Nationale Autoshow”. Now you can either wait until Sunday 13:00 h or listen at the broadcast on-line.

September 9, 2009

Transportation of your motor vehicle to and from Amsterdam

Of course you want to participate to The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. You look forward to driving the little dike roads around Amsterdam. But you do not look forward to the highway trip to the Low Countries. ... read more

September 8, 2009

Listen to the sound of The 100 Miles.

Business News Radio will interview the organisers of The 100 Miles of Amsterdam on its car program, The National Auto Show. Carlo Brantsen and Bas van Werven will be asking the quintessential questions of why, how and of course, what are they driving yourself. ... read more

September 4, 2009

The real rally buffs do register

For those of you who are familiar to the Dutch rally scene the Traction Cabriolet of the Weeslink family is a familiar sight. After 15 Tulip rallies, 4 SLS, 6 Gelderlandrit and 1 Via Flaminia (with a Citroen DS) these enthusiastic rally drivers are just too happy to meet there match.

August 24, 2009

Gabriel Kousbroek takes the wheel of his father’s Amilcar

In the sixties the essayist and writer Rudy Kousbroek did travel on a regular basis between Amsterdam and Paris. His daily means of transportation was his 1928 Amilcar. It would take him only five hours, ... read more

August 20, 2009

Announcement of The 100 Miles on RTV-Noord Holland

The 100 Miles of Amsterdam will officially be announced on the “Zandvoort Journaal” of Wednesday August 26th. The program will show several times during the day. So watch RTV-Noord Holland !

July 31, 2009

100 Miles of Amsterdam present at the Nationaal Oldtimer Festival

This year the “Nationaal Oldtimer Festival” will be held on Sunday September 27th., partner in the 100 Miles is invited and will be manning a stand on the padock between some 50 expected pre war cars. In the midst of some 2000 classic cars and many more visitors will... read more

July 29, 2009

RTV-Noord Holland; Zandvoort Journaal

On August 26th the Zandvoort Journaal will dedicate 15 minutes to the old pre war street circuit. Some of the participants to the 100 Miles will be followed driving the old circuit and then up to the modern circuit. The Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club will bring in some of its member cars. During... read more 

July 28, 2009


If someone was conceived, born and raised on the Zandvort Circuit than it is Rob Petersen. From his young years on Rob attended most of the races and did get to know many of the famous Formula 1 drivers. In his daily life Rob is a banker, but in the weekends he can still be found on the circuit,... read more 

Philips Duplolux

July 21, 2009

There is light

On the first day there was light. Philps has granted us the

right to use the automobile on the Duplolux boxes for our

100 Miles of Amsterdam logo.









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