SAVE THE DATE! The 100 Miles of Beaulieu and Maastricht!

The 100 Miles in 2019!

The upcoming year will be a great year for PreWarCar enthusiasts who are not afraid of the dark as we will not only organise a 100 Miles in The Netherlands but also in the United Kingdom.

Save the dates:
7 September 2019: The 100 Miles of Beaulieu.
During the famous International Autojumble, we will start our PreWarCars in the evening after the event. During the day you can enjoy the autojumble and find that missing part and in the evening you will enjoy your ride.


14 December 2019: The 100 Miles of Maastricht.
Just before Christmas in the fantastic city of Maastricht, the Dutch version of The 100 Miles will be organised. Most will know how beautiful this old town is, especially in December. Also, the area is fantastic to drive!

If you would like to participate in one or both events, please send us an email (info@the100miles.com) then we will contact when the registration opens.
For now, save the date!




The 100 Miles of Rotterdam 2018:

The 100 Miles of Rotterdam 2018 Top 10:
1. Team 11: Klaas & Michel Blankevoort 150 penalty points
2. Team 8: Jos van Genugten & Mark Duffhuis 172 Penalty points
3. Team 1: Remon Vos & Alex Verbeek 196 penalty points
4. Team 22: Marco Geeratz & Alex von Mozer 200 penalty points
5. Team 14: Keith Wickham & Brian Spearman 230 penalty points
6. Team 10: Bernard van Genugten & Hilde de Laat 240 penalty points
7. Team 25: Ron Schoonderbeek & Gertie Elie 266 penalty points
8. Team 23: Jeroen Hoep & Marc Schuurkens 270 penalty points
9. Team 15: Ewen Getley & Caspar Killick 270 penalty points
10. Team 3: Roland Van Pelt & Peter van Egmond 320 Penalty points


For all photos see: CLICK HERE

On Saturday 15th of December The 100 Miles of Rotterdam 2018 is held. The day had it all: sun, wind, cold and of course snow. Stunning cars, lovely people and great sights. 

After the wonderful view from the Euromast and the water taxi back, the dark set in and the cars started at the docks of the SS Rotterdam. The route took us through Rotterdam to the first stop: the shooting range by MillersOils. The temperature dropped but the adrenaline went up. Focus on the oilcans and BAM. Hit!
The route took us further on small and narrow roads with water on both sides. This in combination with the weather making them a little slippery, asked for full focus from both the drivers and navigators. The next test was at our partner Hof Hoorneman Bank, where we needed another part of our brains to solve the calculation.
Gouda gave us the beloved small canals, old houses and the perfect atmosphere. After this beautiful city, the ride to Stolze Classic Cars came and at this time the next challenge came literally towards us. A winter storm with snow. Fantastic, but not very pleasant for some of the open drivers. Respect guys!
After a warm cup of soup, the route continued to the last serious test. The storm got to the next level and made it extra hard for all of us, which resulted in only 7 cars participating in the (snowy) Hill Climb. Such a miss for the others as it was a lot of fun (ask the Lancia Lambda drivers who did it twice or the Riley IMP who slipped when changing gears).
The rally resulted in a win for father and son Blankevoort in their well-known Singer Speed Model. The second place went to Jos van Genugten and Mark Duffhuis in the Type 40 Bugatti. And Remon Vos and Alex Verbeek in the Vauxhall 26/30 became third. Congratulations to all of you!

Beautiful photographs are taken during this spectacular day and night event. Click here for the images and that one (action) shot to impress your friends.

We hope to see you all again next edition of The 100 Miles!


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