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Volunteers helping with The 100 Miles of Amsterdam

Different volunteers will help make The 100 Miles of Amsterdam to a success.

The Amersfoortse Motor- en Automobiel Club, will be providing the Marshals for the regularity. The AMAC is the organisation, which organises the Tulip Rallye. Ton den Uyl, Eric Verlsuis, Kees Jongerius  and  Fred van Wegen will be waiting in the cold for you to come along.


The Officials Club Automobielsport (OCA) is the club of Paddock Marshals, which helps organise the races on the Zandvoort Circuit. The Paddock Marshals Teus de Jong, Erwin van de Hoef and  Ger Bronkhorst will be helping you with the parking of your car at the different locations.


We already mentioned Rob Petersen. He is the speaker at the Zandvoort circuit. He will be sending you out into the night and he will be announcing the winners.


Rob Wagemaker and Dick Visser are two Austin Seven adapts with lots of rally experience. They will be assisting the OCA.


Kees en Magreeth Spaamer and Ronald Brons have volunteered themselves and will be manning the Start and Finish Tables. Between them they have a wide experience in marshal work during rallies and in manning Controls.


Karel Ligtenberg will perform the scruteneering. Karel has been working in the automotive industry since the conception of the combustion engine.


Henk Fortgens has been helping Joris Bergsma with setting up and will be giving out bags with rally goodies.


Behind the scenes Peter Struijk will be helping so that everything goes smoothly.


If you come along this T-Ford you have either been drinking too much or you are on the correct road. We thank Klaas Hopman for his assistance.


 Klaas Hopman


We thank all the people assisting with The 100 Miles of Amsterdam and whish them a fun filled night.




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