Any three or four wheeled motorcar registered prior to December 31st, 1945 and which is road-legal in Europe. The Organisers may refuse a car not complying with the period in spirit and in appearance.


Competing vehicles must be of authentic period specification. This means that:

  • Major elements of the vehicle – normally the chassis, engine, front- and rear axel – must be the original period item(s);

  • All other elements must be of appearance, design, materials and dimensions known to have existed during the period of the Age Category for which the vehicle is entered.

The cars will be scrutinized at the start. Please make sure you have everything complete!


(If not complete, you cannot start)

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Warning triangle

  • Reflecting safety jacket (one for each passenger)

  • First Aid kit

  • Flashlight                                                                                                                       


(can lead to disqualification)

  • (Extra) battery well secured

  • No (extra) fuel container in passenger compartment. Or – if no alternative possible- well fixed

  • Heavy equipment i.e. jack, well secured

Not allowed:

(can lead to penalty points in sporting class)

  • Halogen map reading lights (fixed or not) (Penalty 50 points)

  • Digital clock (Penalty: 50 points)

  • Post war trip master etc. (Penalty: 100 points)   

  • Modern navigation/smartphone (disqualification)

Other mechanical and electrical equipment, which is not original and could lead to an advantage (penalty point to be judged by the marshal).

Extra lights, brakes and other changes that lead to more safety will not lead to penalty points as long as it is in the spirit of the period of the car.

Advised to bring:

  • A magnifying glass

  • A marker

  • A ruler

  • Transparent plastic map when it is raining

  • Several pens