The event is not designed as a test of speed, but of the reliability of the motorcar under harsh conditions, and of the consistency and skills of driver and mechanic. The objective is to complete the course, visiting all of the control points along the way in the correct order and within the set time. The normal traffic regulations prevail always above the indications in these regulations.

For your safety the cars will be scrutinized before the start. Please make sure to read the regulations in advance.

The organization can at all time, give penalty points and disqualification to those not complying with the regulations, especially (but not exclusively) when – to the judgement of the officials – safety is involved.

Marshals can also remove participants from the competition if they do not comply with their instructions or if they create danger for others.



The 100 miles has one overall winner and winners for each class. The winner will be the crew with the least amount of (penalty) points. If the overall winner is also the winner of one of the three age categories, the first prize for that category will go to the next best in that category.

In case of an ex aequo the oldest registered car is supposed to have won. If this does not yield a winner, the car with the lowest engine capacity will have won.

The 100 Miles is an event like no others. A car rally for pre-war cars the Thrid weekend of December, in the night. December 18th 2021, In Ypres!​